The Power of Letting Go


In the end what matters most

is how well did you love

how well did you live

how well did you learn to let go

That is the banner that hangs in the front corner of my yoga studio - and I find myself repeating this over and over through out most classes. Initially doing this was a mind clearer for me - a reset button. Now it’s become something I’m trying to workin into my everyday life - letting go of the things I have no control over.

The tendency I have - when things are challenging, when something isn’t going my way is to grip tighter, push further, try harder. I had someone ask me recently - what happens when you try harder to fall asleep at night? You climb into bed, and sleep avoids you, and you push harder, flip and flop and try to fall asleep... what happens? For me, sleep moves further and further away from me. The more I try, the harder it gets. Exactly the point, this person said, the answer to everything is not to work harder, sometimes the answer is to surrender and let go.

Terrifying! Completely terrifying I thought. I’m sure in response I mumbled something about that being deep and I’d have to think more on that. But truthfully - my impulsive reaction was so strong because this goes against everything in my worldview. If it doesn’t work try harder - but this doesn’t always serve me. Sometimes the answer is to let go. Let go and be still.

There is a sense of peace that wraps around me after I repeat the mantra that begun this post. I can’t change it, so why fight it? Let it go. Sometimes the thoughts and feelings we carry around are so heavy - what would it be like to put them down? Try to think of it this way - you’re stuck in traffic and late. There’s no exit ramp, there’s no way to move around the traffic - you’re stuck. Why let frustration take over that moment? Either way you’re in traffic.