DPS; The 8 that stayed open

It would have been easier for media outlets to report on the Detroit Public Schools that remained open on Wednesday morning. Final tally from freep.com said a total of 88 schools were closed Wednesday and there were threats of additional sickouts planned for today. While talking with one of my 1st grade teachers this morning about testing, lack of classroom resources and student behavior…a thought came to me …wow, I really want to know more about the 8 schools that were in session this week.

I’m listening to this dynamic teacher, in only her 2nd year of teaching, talk about some of the challenges she’s having reaching her students while working with very limited resources and support and my mind keeps flashing…

What is happening in those 8 schools that were able to remain open on Wednesday this week? DPS posted these 8 schools on their Facebook page, with a message saying “The following DPS schools are open today”. What is unique about these 8 schools, how has DPS been able to keep these teachers showing up? Ya know, we are truly resourceful and resilient people, us educators. We can hold out and hold on and find little nuggets of support to get us through the day (or the class period) in the most dire of places….but over time mounting pressure to perform in conditions not conducive to learning coupled with feeling undervalued and neglected can over take this resilience, crippling it.

Who are the administrators at these 8 schools? Is it that these mirco-communities within the much better mess are so tight knit that no matter what they are all in this together? I googled…. every coupling of words I could think of in search of a write up about the 8 that stayed open. Search results returned the same few articles I’ve been reading since Tuesday evening. Time to put in some calls…Communication Media Arts, Chrysler, Fleming, Golightly Elementary-Middle, Green Union, Pulaski, Vernor and Western….I want to know more.