#MichED chat recap

I had the opportunity to be a part of something amazing tonight. Education in this state is under a microscope right now, you can’t turn on a radio station or flip open a newspaper without being bombarded with all the things that are going wrong, specifically within Detroit Public Schools. I’m not ignoring that, or setting that a side when I say, I had the opportunity to be a part of something wonderfully amazing tonight.

Educators across the state, Detroit to Boyne City, came together (virtually) to talk, brainstorm and support each other during this incredibly stressful time. Questions flew, I could barely keep up…I’m pretty new to using Twitter, and live chatting…geez, forget it. Positively worded questions flew, everyone wanting to know how they could help, what resources are out there? How can they share what is going on in Detroit and Flint with their students, on their campuses? But above all else, how could they, as educators, offer support to DPS teachers and students. I took away from tonight’s chat several things, but above all else…educators in this state want to come together to support their own.

As a member of “auxiliary support staff”, so I’m usually called, I can’t purchase new text books for all 49,000 DPS students. I can’t single handedly hang bathroom stall doors, or patch up water damaged walls (well I probably can do that…I do know how to spackle). My single voice probably won’t change Ed policy, or get noticed by Lansing…but if everyone involved in tonight’s chat feels as I do, and that is definitely the feeling I got…then perhaps together we can come up with one way, a few ways perhaps, that we can have a direct impact on these teachers and students that are asking for something to change.

My brain is going a mile a minute; how can I make this work. Would local educators be interested in a Town Hall, where we can brainstorm together? Listen to some specifics from teachers and students directly impacted by the chaos DPS has been in over the last FOUR (count them, FOUR!) emergency managers. How can we do this? I need your help.