New Detroit Teachers Guide to Parent Teacher Conferences

I find that a number of my teacher buddies have a lot of questions that surround parent teacher conferences. Less about how to present each students strengths and struggles, grades, test scores etc. and more about how to engage parents, empower them and help them feel like a welcomed part of their kiddo’s education.

How are you engaging parents initially about parent teacher conferences? Is there communication that goes home from the school? From you personally? What does your message convey to your parents?

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What makes effective campus leadership

It is difficult sometimes to find the light in an otherwise dismal situation. It’s easy for each of us to continue to fuel our anger and frustration regarding what is happening within the Detroit Public School system right now. We can easily get sucked into hyper focusing, like it seems Lansing is doing, on the sickouts and how this singular action is causing Detroit students to lose out on classroom time, daily meals and a structured school day. We can, I can…and sometimes it feels good to have a direct focus for the disgust I feel for what has happened to public education in this state. It feels good until I remember that focusing on the sickouts, focusing on this symptom of the problem doesn’t change what is happening to our schools.

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DPS; The 8 that stayed open

It would have been easier for media outlets to report on the Detroit Public Schools that remained open on Wednesday morning. Final tally from said a total of 88 schools were closed Wednesday and there were threats of additional sickouts planned for today. While talking with one of my 1st grade teachers this morning about testing, lack of classroom resources and student behavior…a thought came to me …wow, I really want to know more about the 8 schools that were in session this week.

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