New Detroit Teachers Guide to Parent Teacher Conferences

I find that a number of my teacher buddies have a lot of questions that surround parent teacher conferences. Less about how to present each students strengths and struggles, grades, test scores etc. and more about how to engage parents, empower them and help them feel like a welcomed part of their kiddo’s education.

How are you engaging parents initially about parent teacher conferences? Is there communication that goes home from the school? From you personally? What does your message convey to your parents?

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The Cost of Teacher Turnover

Because of my background in mental health education, I personally focus on the emotional costs of teachers leaving the classroom for good. The impact that this abrupt shift has on not only students, but teachers, administrators and districts as a whole. I know that student’s need stability and consistency – they need to feel that their teachers are vested in this future and are going to stick around through their struggles.

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Why ‘GO to the principal’s office’ doesn’t change behavior

I have found that one of the biggest issues my freshmen (I’m going to use this term to describe teachers in their first, second and third year teaching) teachers struggle with is classroom management.  On survey’s I conduct on public and private schools alike, managing behavioral issues and keeping kiddo’s willing and engaged in the learning process make the top of the list for professional development needs. Where do you guys get this support from on your campuses each day? (not a rhetorical question by the way…I really need to know).

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