Turning weaknesses into strengths

The words we choose to describe a person or a behavior are important, especially when it comes to kids. We can all agree that helping children build a healthy self-image involves all of the adults in that child’s life working toward that singular goal. As adults, being thoughtful about our language is one way we can encourage positive growth. During certain situations it may be hard to find empowering words to describe our children or their abilities. These situations are when empowering words are the most needed. Speak kindness, choose carefully and thoughtfully.  Take your time responding.


 You are so:

Disorganized vs. Creative

Inflexible vs. Organized

Stubborn vs. Dedicated

Inconsistent vs. Flexible

Obnoxious vs. Enthusiastic

Hyper vs. Energetic

Shy vs. Reflective

Irresponsible vs. Adventurous

Boring vs. Responsible

Unrealistic vs. Positive

Negative vs. Realistic

Careless vs. Thoughtful

Inattentive vs. Careful

Arrogant vs. Self-Confident

Indecisive vs. Patient

Impatient vs. Passionate

Should I let my teen watch 13 Reasons Why?

Netflix aired this controversial show back in March and its created quite the buzz in middle/high schools across the country. For those that have no idea what on earth I am referring to, feel free to google – but essentially, 13 Reasons Why is a Netflix drama based on a 2007 novel written by Jay Asher. The main character, Hanna Baker, creates...

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High School College Acceptance Rates are Deceiving

Seemingly weird words coming from a K-12 counselor. I kept milling over a title for this blog – literally for about 20 minutes – trying to stay away from words like “unimportant” or “skewed data”. When a high school advertises that they have a high college acceptance rate, it doesn’t tell the whole story – or any story at all other than every single one of our students filed out at least one college application and was accepted into at least one college.

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