The truth is a great resurgence is underway in Detroit. A new sports stadium has broken ground, construction of a light railway system is underway and trendy new coffee shops are everywhere. While it’s great to see positive activity again, Detroit needs more than new restaurants and a thriving midtown and downtown night life to implement lasting change. ResourcED believes that the change Detroit is hungry for starts in its classrooms.

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Beautiful Detroit Mural Honors Great Detroit Teacher

August 26, 2016

If you’re not hip to Curbed (Curbed Detroit) then you definitely need to take a few minutes to look through their website. Their postings will make you want to drop everything and renovate. They highlight the best of Detroit real estate, neighborhoods and green spaces – it’s a great site, which to me has a really Buzzfeed type feel. They’re GREAT for a quick, captivating article WITH AMAZING PICTURES! Those that know me know I LOVE a good home renovation project (or looking at other peoples home renovation projects) – allows me to dream – some day! One of Curbed Detroit’s more recent posts combines two of my top favorite things – Leaders in Education and home reno projects.   Seriously where is this going Elizabeth, this blog is about mental health strategies for New Detroit Teachers…? Curbed Detroit published an article about a mural that I drive passed almost everyday of Mary Ellen Riordan, the first woman to lead the Detroit Federation of Teachers. (from 1961 – 81) – she was actually the first woman to lead… Read More

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