The truth is a great resurgence is underway in Detroit. A new sports stadium has broken ground, construction of a light railway system is underway and trendy new coffee shops are everywhere. While it’s great to see positive activity again, Detroit needs more than new restaurants and a thriving midtown and downtown night life to implement lasting change. ResourcED believes that the change Detroit is hungry for starts in its classrooms.

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Improving stress management skills for New Detroit Teachers

September 27, 2016

Why do I focus on supporting the mental health needs of teachers in metro Detroit? Well, primarily, I believe that being emotionally healthy, and understanding our own inter/intra-personal strengths and challenges is necessary for our happiness and continued growth as human beings. Teachers have chosen a career that is 95% give and only 5% take (if even that). There is an uncertainty and instability in the field of education these days, with plenty of large districts experiencing financial crisis’s that have led to teaching shortages, pay cuts, layoffs and sparse resources. Despite these conditions, new teachers continue to step into classrooms, lesson plans are written and learnin’ goes on. My role is to provide a space for educators to focus on an aspect of their career they can directly control; personal development that impacts their ability to connect with and inspire their students. For a school administrator to hire a teacher coach, it conveys to their staff…I want to support you as an educator, and as a person. It says: I want to see you… Read More

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