The truth is a great resurgence is underway in Detroit. A new sports stadium has broken ground, construction of a light railway system is underway and trendy new coffee shops are everywhere. While it’s great to see positive activity again, Detroit needs more than new restaurants and a thriving midtown and downtown night life to implement lasting change. ResourcED believes that the change Detroit is hungry for starts in its classrooms.

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October 18, 2016

Happy Tuesday New Detroit Teacher, Did you know that we’re constantly pinning new ideas and helpful positive mental health practices on our Pinterest pages? Give our account a follow for Character Development Book Ideas, Ways to Include Mindfulness in Your Classroom, and (more important now than ever as we head into cold/flu season) Health & Wellness Tips.   Have idea’s you’d like to send us? Pin away, we’ll add them to one of our boards.   We hope you’re week is off to a fabulous start. Hey…what classroom activities do we have planned for Halloween?     ResourcED Student Support Services   Tweet   Subscribe… Read More

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