The truth is a great resurgence is underway in Detroit. A new sports stadium has broken ground, construction of a light railway system is underway and trendy new coffee shops are everywhere. While it’s great to see positive activity again, Detroit needs more than new restaurants and a thriving midtown and downtown night life to implement lasting change. ResourcED believes that the change Detroit is hungry for starts in its classrooms.

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Easy self-care strategies for the busy

February 11, 2017

Self-care strategies that help metabolize stress will be different for everyone, a technique or activity that does the trick for me may not work at all for you. Spending the time trying out different activities, and truly giving each one the old college try is the key. While you’re putting together a list of activities that work for you, look for self-care, stress reducing activities that fit into a few different categories: an activity you can do multiple times per day, per week, per month, per year. Practicing self-care needs to be high on our list of priorities, scheduled in just like lesson planning or watching your favorite tv. show. I find it helpful to plan out my self-care, writing on my calendar when I will do an activity and treating it like any other appointment. Here is a list of activities that I use that fit into each of these categories: Daily stress fighters Minute meditation You can find free guided medication’s online, like this one on YouTube. Meditation calms… Read More

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